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You are doing the best with what you have. But now, it's time to give yourself more.

You have passions and desires. Goals and projects. Maybe you have a little trouble finding the time to name those desires and set those goals - but you still have them. And even if you can name them, you probably have a hell of a time trying to balance them with your day job, don't you?


That's because what you don't have is a support system equipped to get you where you want to be. If you did, you wouldn't be here right now wondering if coaching is for you. You would have already defined your vision and drawn up the plan. You wouldn't be wondering "could I get there faster with a coach?" (The answer is yes, by the way.) 


You would simply already be there. 

Your support system is not bad, it is just incomplete. It is made up of real people with interests and obligations of their own. They cannot show up for you in a way that consistently prioritizes your vision and needs. (And they should not be asked to - major boundaries violation!) You need a professional.

That's where I step in. Incorporating a coach to your support system is the no-guilt way of having someone present who is completely in service of your big plans. A person whose focus is you. It's not just about brainstorming and getting feedback, either (that's a hefty part, though!)

It's about having someone who works with you to create the plan and put it down to paper. I make sure we stay on track. You don't have to worry about remembering the end game while you're taking care of your day-to-day life because you know that I am holding that for you.

It's about having someone who provides you with structure and accountability. I help you turn the plan into consistent actions. I make sure that you don't wake up half a year from now realizing you neglected to follow up on your passion so often that you forgot about your plans entirely.


That's what I do. Take a look around my website to see how I can fit into your support system. Or, go ahead and book your free consultation and we can discuss what will be best for you.

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1:1 Coaching

Traditional, face-to-face coaching. This is what people think of when they think of coaching. Prior to COVID this was done in person, but I'm not ready to give up the safety and ease of FaceTime and zoom calls yet, are you?

E-mail Coaching

Convenient. Flexible. Budget-friendly as hell. Don't get me wrong - I love seeing your beautiful face when I coach, but sometimes that's just not in the cards. And that's okay. 

For when your team SHOULD have common goals and a shared understanding - but isn't quite there yet. Your team will make better decisions and be more effective when you are all in alignment.

Team Alignment



Mid 2019 I walked into a free branding workshop, playing with the idea that I was going to make a living selling embroidery with off-color sayings on them. My comfortable community organizing job had recently been made redundant and I wanted to be intentional about my next career moves (note to seasoned organizing pro's: I know the idea of a "comfortable" organizing job might raise eyebrows -  my workplace just happened to be supportive and collaborative, and my role was to wrangle logistical chaos for my boss. Support + collaboration + a dash of chaos = Me Thriving).

With some savings in the bank and two supportive partners in my corner (and the cheapest rent in the city thanks to having four other roommates), I had the privilege to do some thinking about what was next for me. Naturally, as a member of the side hustle generation, I looked toward my only handicraft and wondered that it would look like to monetize that. That's how I ended up at that branding workshop.

You can probably guess that my big takeaway from that workshop was not how to brand my irreverent embroidery business.

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