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Team Coaching

Have you ever experienced being on a team where at the end of every meeting everyone nods their head in agreement but you have the sinking feeling that no one understood a single thing? A meeting where no one even understood the point?

Maybe no one was invested. Maybe no one was invested in the right thing. So many teams have dissolved due to this lack of group cohesion and buy-in. Small businesses, nonprofits, activist groups… you know it can happen to you. Your group may be on the precipice of this right now. 

But, I'm not trying to catastrophize here. I'm just a little fired up about it after being in that position so many times. It's always frustrating to feel helpless when the group can't get in synch. 

I help teams become calibrated toward shared goals and a common purpose. Whether your team is newly formed or well established, we can collaborate to keep you on track toward whatever impact you are trying to make.


Just like with individuals, teams need to understand their purpose and values to perform at their highest capability. You can help your team build shared meaning in order to cultivate genuine buy-in.  


My services are appropriate for teams of all sizes in any sector. The only requirement is that your team wants to be and do better. 

Click below to discuss how I can help.


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