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Face to Face Coaching Packages

Stretch Support

$400/ four prepaid sessions 


$150/session, pay as you go

This is the classic offering. We will have one-hour sessions as-needed. Session frequency ranges from weekly to monthly -  this flexibility allows us to be responsive to your schedule.


At the beginning of our coaching relationship, we will explore your desires and circumstances and build an action plan that will move you toward your vision. I will be helping you find the appropriate balance so that your goals give you a healthy challenge without overwhelming you.

This type of coaching is appropriate for journeys of any length, pace, or desired outcome.

This package does not include e-mail support. If you find that you need to meet weekly and require e-mail support in between sessions, then the Boost package below is likely more appropriate for the pace of your project.


$1,500 for 3 months of support.

Pre-paid only.

Welcome to your 3-month intensive. Do you have a new or on-going project that requires hyper-focus? This package is appropriate for people who are ready to dedicate significant time to their project. You should already be committed to an existing project that you are wanting to give a boost to. This offering is relentlessly progress oriented.

This may be an appropriate offering if you are seeking accountability and structure around something you are already putting significant time toward (think a side hustle, a podcast, a blog...)

This package includes a weekly hour-long session with a required minimum of three sessions per month, plus unlimited e-mail support between sessions. If you cannot commit to the minimum of three sessions a month, the stretch support package (above) may be more appropriate for the pace of your project.

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