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Email Coaching Packages

Would  you believe me if I told you that the biggest draw of email coaching isn't how budget-conscious it is? Sure, it's perfect for tighter budgets thanks to its lower price-tag, but to think of it just as "cheaper coaching" is a huge mistake. 


Email coaching is about accessibility. Email coaching is an accommodation. The price tag is just one facet of the way it creates accessibility for those who would benefit from life coaching. Does any of this sound familiar?


  • you  have an unpredictable work schedule,

  • you have to work around kids & family,

  • you have zoom call burnout,

  • you have a hard time expressing yourself verbally,

  • you need more time to process your thoughts,

  • you are uncomfortable with video and phone calls

  • you are at your best outside of regular working hours

So, tell me, what accommodations do you need? 

Email coaching gives you the same benefit of face to face coaching, and even leaves you with an automatic written record of everything that comes of our collaboration.


 I could go on but let me just go ahead and show you the email packages before I start rethinking this pricing. 

Unlimited Access

Unlimited e-mail support

E-mail responses on both weekdays and weekends

Allow up to 36 hour response time


Weekly Reset

We will correspond over the course of about a day every week. Correspondence occurs weekly on the day of you choice (weekends excluded). 


Monthly  Check-in 

We will correspond over the course of about a day. Correspondence occurs once a month on the recurring date of your choice.


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